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When to use a PLB

This article was written for Argus - the member's magazine of the Victorian Climbing Club

Before I get into the details, I have to clean up a couple of fairy tales:
Magical Phones If you see the "No Service" or similar on your phone, that's pretty much it. Your phone is as useless as your coffee cup or a brick. NO! Neither of them will magically turn into a satellite communication device. I see that proposed in hiking forums all the time but it's a myth.

All SatCom devices work - NOT All PLBs/EPIRBs* have very limited function - "I need help! I'm here" - but they do it very well. They are cheap and very reliable. You can't go wrong with any model. However if you need a bit more function, you got a couple of options for off-grid (emergency) communication Satellite Phone >> Not so cheap but great functionalityGarmin inReach  >>  two-way satellite messenger and tracker Iridium Go >> Mobile data thingymebobOld fashioned radio >>…